Wednesday, August 18, 2010


They say charity begins at home. Well, so does gluttony. Today was a happy day for me, because I got a job I really wanted at an Ad Agency that I really like. That's a story for another day. So we were going to celebrate with our favourite Joey's Pizza. Somewhere along the way, we changed our minds and decided to cook at home instead. We ordered in for some meat from the cold storage near by and called for some eggs, bread and cheese as well.

About an hour later, we were holding in our hands the most monstrously delicious omelette we'd ever seen, or made - the Bromelette. It derives its name from the fact that Alok and I are bros and you HAVE to be in our bro circle to:
a) be involved in the making of the Bromelette
b) taste the Bromelette
c) survive the Bromelette

It was a real beauty. Since we love our readers, no matter how paltry the number, here's what went into our little creation:

Six eggs, vienna sausages, pepper salami, bacon, onions, tomatoes, chillies, salt/pepper and some incredibly good Zulu Hot sauce. (We nearly threw in some fortnight-old mushrooms but fortunately saw they were well past the expiration date!) It was topped off with a cold beer, which completed the meal and filled us up good and proper.

Here's pictures of the Bromelette:

We were seriously too stuffed to move after eating that. But it was so so so very good, we didn't really mind. And we're going to get it even better the next time around!


A big sorry to our (very few) readers that we haven't been writing too much on here for a while now. Not that we've stopped eating - hell no. We've just been too lazy to actually put pen to paper (well, fingers to keyboard) and write about our culinary escapades.

We will be more regular. We promise.