Friday, November 27, 2009

It was a dark and stormy night...

*Burrrrp!* is the best compliment one can give to a restaurant. At least, as far as we are concerned! The title of this blog probably says a lot for itself - it is to do with food. Most people eat to live, but with us, it's more a case of living to eat! We make no bones about it - we are passionate about our food. We eat more than just to fill our stomachs and get our daily nutritional intake, it is a source of inspiration to live, to succumb to that temptation that fills our stomach, pleasures the pallet, and gives you that glorious feeling of eating that one delicious meal to just the right amount as to make you feel content - make you feel like there is nothing else in the world worth living for. We eat because we love to!

So this is just a food-diary (of sorts!) of the places we eat/have eaten at. Some are good, some are bad, and some plain ugly. And of course, there are some that blow our minds and make us want to come back for more as often as we can! You'll find here, our opinions on the places we frequent and those we have vowed never to go back to again! This is our story..

Also, for a change in topic - and for the sake of something different every week ("balanced diet"? haha!) - we also have a special weekly entry from our our very own foliage artist (Warning! Meat-lover discretion is advised!)

If you, dear readers, have any recommendations on great places to eat at, please do let us know. We're always ready to try new places.

Cheers! And heres to the gastronomical wonders of this world!

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