Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Uninspired Bagel

The Place: The Bagel Shop
The Time: Lazy Sunday Afternoon
The Mission: To satisfy the need for a post-Gostana snack

So this is just a small footer on a place we went to after one of our many trips to Gostana (which has been given rave reviews in our February issue below). Now, Shantanu and I aren't exactly the dessert eating kind on our many excursions to the delightful culinary wonders of Mumbai (we mostly centre our attentions toward satisfying our carnivorous cravings). But this trip, especially after the most inspiring burgers we had ever eaten, gave us a bit of a jolt as to how bad things could get on our quest for good food! 

First and foremost, the place was packed so we were ushered to one of the most remote tables in the open air area. Second, the dullard waiter who was supposed to be waiting on us was so lost in his own world we were made to wait an hour before it finally occurred to him to even serve us water, let alone take our order! With a start like that, it was a surprise we didn't just walk away (but keen as our taste buds were to try something new, we decided to persevere in any case..we tend to be little naive in that sense).

As it were, we decided to order the Cream Cheese and Nutella Bagels (the latter of which we had heard some pretty good stories!). The following is an introspection on the unfortunate thingamajigs that ended up on our plates that afternoon: 
1. Well, I'll give them this, they at least looked remotely like bagels! 
2. The super-hard, rather fossilized, stale bread made us feel like we needed a saw just to pry out a piece (not to forget giving us sore jaws a couple of bites after)
3. These so-called bagels tasted like they had been baked straight out of the 16th century, when they were invented as the staple Polish national diet! 
4. What were we thinking even stepping into this place?

On completing the arduous task of eating these remains from another time (yes! we actually finished both bagels!), we didn't have the patience to twiddle our toes while our amazingly up-to-speed waiter got the bill, preferring instead to pay up at the counter and make a run for it. It ought to be noted here that this place definitely does NOT come cheap- its expensive and extremely overrated! 

As a comforting note, I guess not every trip we make could possibly be as uplifting as we anticipate it to be. Nor can I recommend you not to go here, because who knows? Maybe we just went on a bad day. All that I can say is this, a good first impression is always a lasting one- and this one in particular was seriously messed up! As our beloved readers, you don't have to always take our advice, but I warn you- go here at your own peril! 


The Bagel Shop at a glance

Where: Below Barefoot, Pali Mala Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Phone: +91 22 26050178

Our Rating: 0.5/10

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